Movie sweaters

I went to see The Golden Compass this weekend. It has some of the best knitwear I have seen in a movie for a long time. I am so smitten with the costumes Lyra wore. If for no other reason, I recommend that movie to anyone who likes to knit. It was also a good film, but the knitting was what entranced me.

My particular favourites included a red garter stitch sweater coat near the middle, a very cute knitted hat in the shape of a hood, and a pair of mittens worked in a loop stitch.

I was thinking that a hood in that shape attached to a scarf would be wonderful, and the mittens look so warm, of course you couldn’t do anything while you were wearing them, which makes the string holding them through the sleeves handy. I suppose children who are running for their lives don’t need to worry about hurting themselves on playground equipment.

You can see some pictures here.

The other movies that immediately come to mind as having really great knitting are Le Divorce, worn by Kate Hudson’s and Naomi Watts’ characters, and all the Harry Potter movies, mainly worn by Mrs. Weasley, though they do strictly speaking include crochet if I remember correctly.

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Have you figured out the pattern for knitting Lyra’s red sweater coat? It is truly beautiful but i am only a beginner knitter and don’t know how to figure it out for myself!


No I haven’t. I am just not sure I have enough yarn in my stash to do it (I never thought I would say that). I would guess that for a project like this you would need at about 1.5kg (3.3lbs) of yarn to use held together, and I just don’t know if I have enough that is coordinated enough to make it work. I think I would need to use a lot of blue, and I think the colour way in the original sweater works because it is all warm colours. I suppose I could go to a yarn shop and buy a bunch, but really a sweater like this is about using up ends.

I will look at my stash and see what I have this weekend and see what I can do.

Lee Ann Brenchley

Feza makes a yarn that is great for Lyra’s coat, they also have a pattern for both a childs and an adult. I have made it and it turns out darling. The is called “Alp”.
Hope this helps.

Have you ever made the La Divorce sweaters?
Every now and then I search the internet looking for the pattern and can’t find anything :( I truly love the two sweaters and would love to have the pattern.