Lyra’s sweater coat from The Golden Compass

I have been asked if I will make a pattern for Lyra’s red sweater coat from The Golden Compass (see here), and as promised I have checked my stash, but I just don’t think I can do it. I have pulled out all my yarn in red, pink, burgundy, purple, brown etc. that is thicker than fingering weight and this is all I came up with:

Reddish yarn from my stash

I just don’t think it is enough for that coat. Also, I think a large part of the appeal of that coat comes from the sections of novelty yarns, especially the eyelash yarns (see here), and I have never really liked eyelash yarns, so I don’t have any — though now I think that I just don’t know how to use them to the best effect.

However, if anyone feels that I would be any help in working out a pattern I would be happy to do what I can (later I changed my mind, please see later posts).
I do plan on posting a pattern for Lyra’s cap here later this weekend though, so please check back (see here).

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I actually came up with a fairly good solution for the different colors, in noro’s silk garden chunky color 02 :)

I’ve got a pack of it on order, and will be picking up a few complimentary shades of fun fur once I get it so I can recreate this little beastie for some lucky young lady (not me, it would look awful with my hair ;) ) It won’t be quite the same large gauge, but it will be close!

Does anyone have a pattern for THE coat or one similar? I have a daughter waiting for a Lyra coat and I would love to have a go, an excuse to get out the old rusty needles.

Marie Louise,

I can’t think of a pattern that would work for this coat off the top of my head. Especially for a child’s size. There are more patterns for women.

I would just advise that you be careful choosing a pattern as garter stitch knits up with a much different gauge than stocking stitch and a pattern for a coat in stocking stitch will need modifications to work right.


It looks as if you have a lot of fun knitting tehetgor I understand this. These groups are not only about knitting, quilting (like the one I belonged to for years) but also about sharing some of our life, joys and sorrows, experiences and dreams. I am happy for you all.