Recreating Lyra’s sweater coat – it’s done!

I have finally finished Lyra’s red sweater coat from the Golden Compass!

Here are some preliminary pictures:



The sleeves grew quite a bit in the wash, so keep that in mind. They started as a bit short, but now they are to my knuckles, but what can you do?

It’s very fun, and I am looking forward to wearing it.

I will post some better and more posed pictures in a few days, maybe I’ll even get it together to put on makeup.

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Fabulous! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your pics!

Do you have the Lyra coat pattern in PDF to make it easier for my printer?

I haven’t got it together yet, but I should have time to do it this week if you would like to wait.

Please let me know if you are waiting and I will make sure I get it to you faster.

Thank you for your interest.