The flax is in the ground

I have finally got the flax in the ground. It’s a few days later than the middle of May, but spring was late too.

You may have divined that I have no idea what I am doing, but I have been asking around and apparently you can just prepare the dirt, sprinkle the seed, rake it a bit, and water it — who knew?

Here is the all important flax seed and some other stuff I may be able to grow.

For all that I am not supposed to anthropomorphize other living things, and plants don’t really want anything, I figure plants do want to grow and live and will do it where ever they can, so they are on my side.

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rebecca caisse

Fertilizer helps also. I like to do things organically so I would get some compost to sprinkle on top and maybe a bag of granular organic pellets to add to the soil. The compost helps make the soil a little lighter and less likely to form a hard crust on top which is hard for the seeds to come up through. Good luck with this project. I hope you get lots of fiber.