Early summer, walking, and flax

I love early summer, I think it must be my favourite season — though I suppose that really one should still consider this late spring. I walk to and from work and it is so beautiful that I walk along in a bit of a daze staring up at the trees:

Saskatoon has been very lucky so far in that dutch elm disease hasn’t struck here yet, so all the streets in the old parts of town are lined with elms, but at any time they could all be gone.

On a smaller scale my flax is up and multi-leaved, which apparently makes it more frost tolerant — this is surely ironic as when it is two leaved there is a much greater likelihood of frost. Look at how pretty it is:

I think I may have got a little too excited when I scattered the seed. See here:

And here:

Any thoughts on what I should do? I guess I could try to thin it, but there is no where to walk without stepping on flax — I guess rows have a purpose after all, who knew?

I just followed the method my father-in-law told me from when he grew up on the farm: you scatter the seed with your hand. I may just leave it, maybe spindly plants give softer fibre or something.

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I totally agree about being so distracted by the late spring beauty. I have to be careful when I am driving too.
And those flax sproutings are surely pretty. However thinning is in order big time. Each plant needs space for its roots to expand and get enough nutrients and air around it, to thrive well. I know how hard it is to ‘kill’ those babies but unless you do some thinning your crop will suffer. Have you thought about thinning some into walking space too?