Ahhh, my little skeinlet

I have been out of town for a few days, so I don’t have that much to show, but I would like to show you a little skeinlet I have spun with my precious spinning wheel:

I got the niddy noddy on my travels and gleaned the information that skeining yarn actually has a purpose, so there it is, and I will be taking off the yarn and washing it to set the twist in a bit.

It’s fun having a new craft — it’s all so mysterious with all these steps, some of which can safely be skipped and some of which will ruin your project, yet no information on which are which.

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My daughters and I are thnking of getting into spinning. Have you ever had classes? Why did you choose the wheel you got?

I once had a job at a weavers’ and spinners’ guild gift shop and they taught me how to spin as part of the job. I haven’t really spun since, but I already knew the basics, so I haven’t taken a class, but if I were starting from scratch I think I would need to.

I chose my wheel because I had been to a store and tried it, so I knew I liked the model and it was the brand that the store in Saskatoon sells. I also chose the particular model (the Ashford traveler) because it has modular parts which I can buy separately for lace and bulky yarns and comes with the double treadle as a standard feature.

By the time we did the math on how much the cheaper wheel would have cost by the time I had added all the features which come standard with this wheel the cost was the same.