A bit of a rut

I am in a bit of a rut with my spinning (and knitting and crochet).

I also remember why my pictures on my blog were not so hot last winter — it was because it is dark until after I leave in the morning and before I am back at night. This was the sky and my trees when I got home:

I dragged my spinning wheel outside to show you what I am working on as the house was too dark. This yarn was been on the wheel for a few weeks — the fine plain spinning is not what excites me about the craft.

I was thinking that I would Navaho ply it, but I am a little stuck as it is taking a long time.

It is spun from the same kind of fibre as this blue and brown yarn I spun earlier this year, but I didn’t enjoy spinning that yarn as much because the fibre was too stuck together, and I had to really tug on it to draw it, so I ran it through my drumcarder:

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Hi Sarah!

It’s this time of year, right after the time change that energy, mood and spirit go down rapidly. When I go to work, it’s the middle of the night. By the time I go home, daylight has not quite come up yet.

I hardly see daylight, except on days off. Even then, the daylight is mostly gray and misty or just plain wet.

But we try to cope and get by, right? I wish I could spin, like you. The colors of the fiber are what makes wakeful hours uplifting. So keep spinning and knitting. Me? It’s dancing, knitting, and getting inspiration from reading other people’s blogs. Plus, eating, unfortunately.

Take care!