Freeform heaven

I am completely smitten with freeform lace crochet (see this book).

I was hesitant, as I am not really that good at crochet, but I don’t need to know what any of the names of the stitches for this, so I am fine.

(I swear the same stitches have different names in different places, and they don’t all define everything, but don’t listen to me I am just bitter)

The other exciting thing is that I am not sure I could come up with a better combination of yarn and technique than Noro kureyon sock yarn and this, and just look at it:

I am liking this so much; it is much more fun than counting and reading patterns.

I think I may like to stay in this newly discovered crafty country for a while and see where the randomness takes me.

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I’ve nerver done it but do love freeform crochet. I taught myself to crochet when I was a child and it is my first love.
The noro just adds to the beauty of the piece.

You’re right about the same stitch having different names in different places, the American and the English are not the same. sc=dc, dc=treble, and treble =double treble respectively. I use both patterns and it’s very easy to get confused, then I have a panic attack thinking I’ve been doing the wrong one!