Knitting in Russian

I was surveying the wonders of Etsy today and came across the listing for Russian knitting and crochet magazines on Lado’s shop.

Just look at this:

From this magazine. How could anyone not want it?

If I can work in Japanese, I wonder if I can do the same in Russian?

I learned Russian for a year and my love the former Russian scholar says he will help me.

I have called Wool Emporium and Glenda carries the looms for hairpin lace — surely this all wouldn’t be too hard?

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have you tried knitting it yet? just curious. my magazine came in today and i’m sitting here checking out the pattern.

No, I never did. I am not sure that my Russian would be up to it in the end and never bought the magazine. They are lovely though. I may have time to look at something like that now, but I have several projects to get through first.