The earthworm transformed

Here is the almost final form for the earthworm scarf:

I like the way the lace weight sections are transparent, and the earthworm yarn from Milkyrobot was an absolute delight to knit. Every inch was interesting.

I made some kind of gauge error. I am not sure precisely where, but the scarf is not the size I calculated for.

I wore it today, and I found that the particular combination of length and weight doesn’t make a particularly wearable scarf because I don’t like the way it looks draped around my neck and it doesn’t stay wrapped.

I tried crocheting the ends together and making a long loop to go around my neck twice, and I think that is the way I will go with.

I was inspired to try to loop idea by Yokoo‘s cowls like this one.

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Yes, please write a pattern for the Earthworm scarf.

Ummmm… yes, please! Love the scarf (and just popped over to Amazon to purchase Debbie New’s book thanks to your inspiration!) and have a couple of skeins that have been sitting around for a long time, waiting for inspiration to strike. I’m thinking that this technique will show off a couple of those yarns to their fullest! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!