New year’s eve post

Well I confess that I have been having a vile week. I have a nasty cold, the weather is nippy, and all my current knitting projects are harder than I feel like dealing with right now.

I have made some headway on the eight petal rose sweater:

I was just starting to really get the hang of manipulating three balls in intarsia and suddenly the number exploded to seven, so now it is hard again.

However, I have reached the cool colours, which surely should count for something:

I have no great plans for bringing in the new year. My cold stymies any thoughts of general enjoyment, but I am considering my options in the resolution department. I am stuck on finding and following an exercise plan that works for me, but surely I can come up with something more original than that?

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Do you tuck your intarsia balls into ziplock bags? I fear tangling. I liked recycling and used newspaper bags. When not in use, a half hitch knot in the long bag top would prevent yarn from exploding out if the ball fell to the floor.
I really enjoyed your website and Thank you for the link to Etsy. That was cool.

Hi Veronica,
I don’t really have any method to deal with the balls of wool in intarsia. All your ideas sound like they would work better than what I have been doing. :-)