A weighty subject

I have given in, perhaps throwing good money after bad, and bought some cast on combs and weights for my knitting machine, because I have been told that then my machine will stop dropping stitches randomly.


I am hopeful that this will solve my problems and make me a brilliant machine knitter who can make a splendid living of the work of her hands and keep all her friends and family warm clothing for pennies — okay maybe not. But I really want to make something that works: I am very disheartened with my machine knitting career so far.


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You don’t say what make/model your machine is, but the weights you show appear to be the type made for Silver-Reed machines (Singer, Studio & Knitmaster). If so, your dropped stitches may be the result of a flattened sponge bar. (The sponge bar should spring back up when compressed and released.) This type of wear is common when a machine has been sitting for some time.

My machine is a Passap Duomatic 80 and I don’t think it has a sponge bar. It seems to be working better with the weights; I will post soon.