Crochet and a plunge . . .

Yesterday I sent off my very first crochet pattern submission.  It feels like such a plunge.  It is also my first submission in hard copy — it had a swatch attached and everything. If any of you have any understanding of how you are supposed to attach your name and contact information to a swatch without pasting or stapling it, I would be most grateful to be enlightened.

I am so proud of myself to have my application put together and mailed on time.  I consider every submission to be a great personal triumph against the demons of self doubt and procrastination.

It doesn’t matter at this point if my design gets accepted or not, I have won in the battle against myself.

All the same, if you have a chance, put down your knitting or crochet or whatever you have in your busy hands, and cross your fingers a moment for me, because I am pleased as punch with my design and the thought of getting it published in the unnamed venue.


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Good on you for taking the plunge!

I either neatly write on or paste printed labels onto old-fashioned manila mailing tags and then tie them to the swatch, or print the contact info onto a sheet of cardstock, punch a hole in the cardstock, and then tie the swatch to it.

I have also used the “Marking Tags” by Avery with string attached. You can get them in different sizes by the box in most stationary stores.

My fingers are crossed.