Ottawa and all that

I just spent a few days in Ottawa.  I found it very interesting thinking about how it compares with Washington DC.  Washington is so neoclassical, while Ottawa is Gothic:


I was very careful to check on yarn stores in Google before I went and here is what I found when I got to the yarn store near my hotel:


Yes, that is a for rent sign in the window.

Later I went with a friend to Yard Forward & Sew On and Wabi Sabi.  I probably have been too lazy buzy to get there by myself.  They are both quite lovely, but very different, but I didn’t buy anything.

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I guess you missed Knit Knackers on James street? That’s too bad, it’s a great store!

Hi Riizu,
I did miss it. I will try to get to it if I am in Ottawa again. Thank you for pointing it out to me.