A photo shoot in November

We were out doing a last minute photo shoot today in the sun:


It was so lovely.  It snowed a little last night, but it wasn’t cold, which is good as I am unsure of the attractiveness of a very red nose and how it will ever induce anyone to knit a sweater.

A couple little girls walked by, and they were very interested in what we were doing.  One of them says to me: “I want to be a model — are you a model?” To which I didn’t have an immediate response — I guess I am, as I model my own designs, it would be a bit different if I were paid to do it, but as it is no one can tell me I can’t.

They told us that designing sweaters is cool, and they would be happy to buy the one I was wearing.  Apparently they thought the lovely Jonathan was proposing, instead of taking my picture, which would have been more exciting than having my picture taken and require much less standing on boggy ground.  Not that I want to imply that having a sweater in Knitty isn’t very exciting indeed.

Having been married and published in Knitty, it is difficult to say which was more exciting the first time — being divorced, I can say that I think getting published in Knitty was.

That isn’t good: I guess I will have to fall back on many more people being married than being published in Knitty and leave it at that.


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Congratulations on being in Knitty! That is exciting! I’m not a pattern maker, rather, a pattern ADAPTER, so I wanted to show you what I did with your pattern for Lyra’s hat. Photos are over on my blog. Thanks for having such awesome patterns! I plan on buying your pattern for West Wind mittens very soon. Thanks again!

Thank you and you’re welcome, I am excited and checking for the new issue. I like what you have done with the pattern — it looks like fun. The west wind gloves are great to wear, I recommend them.
Cheers, Sarah