An epic journey

I recently got back from an epic trip around Saskatchewan.  I didn’t know there were trees and lakes, well someone did tell me, but I didn’t believe them in the real way you believe in something that actually exists — like -40 degree weather, if you haven’t ever lived it, you don’t believe it exists.

But as I knew you might not believe me, I brought back proof:


It really is genuinely beautiful, and certainly worth the trip.  Especially if you like hunting and fishing (or so I am told).

There were however, a few things that were of concern, like this sign:


It’s like the earth will just swallow you up and just doesn’t fill one with confidence.

It was the farthest north I have ever been in my whole life and everything looks a little different.  So much so, that I persuaded the person I was with to stop the car so I could take a picture of the ground:


Who knew lichen could be lush?


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Hey, that looks like the church at Stanley Mission; the oldest church in Saskatchewan. I’m glad to see you survived La Ronge ;)

As a matter of fact it is the church in Stanley Mission, though I didn’t know it was the oldest. La Ronge was fine and the surrounds are lovely. Cheers, Sarah

I spent a summer making a display of items found in an archaeological dig of the old Stanley mission town sight behind the church. It was a fun summer job and has left me knowing random facts about that church and its environs.

That’s brilliant! We’ll have to talk about it some time. I just know the first set of stained glass got dropped in the lake and the community used to be over there, but moved across the lake.