An update

I just looked at my last post and am a bit horrified about the amount of time that has passed since I last wrote.  So many things have happened.  I have travelled to one side of the continent and then the other (Halifax and Vancouver).  I went to Kansas and Manitoba (Kansas is very far from Saskatchewan when you are driving, Manitoba not so much). I had job interviews and a job resignation.  I have found a new place to live in a different city, and a new job.

We will be moving to Vancouver next week and starting a new job the week after, so I guess what has been happening instead of blog writing is life.

We have started packing, and it of course gives a different perspective.  I am smitten with the way my plain bookcase looks with no books on it.  I would like to keep it like that, except that then I am not sure what I would do with my books.

We are also appalled yet again at how much stuff we have accumulated — where does it come from? And why do we keep doing it? Did we agree to having to deal with so much detritus?

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good luck w/your Move.. we’ve lived in the same house for 15 years.. I’d hate to thing about packing it all up.. perhaps this will encourage me to go thru and purge some stuff!

Thank you for your well wishes. I try to get rid of things regularly, but we live in small places to start with – not having a basement or an attic restricts you in accumulating. I really like it: I find it so freeing to get rid of things.